Terms and Conditions


1. General terms

The Forum section of the website biaproject.ro, called from now on ”Forum” is a virtual space that intents to serve as an on-line debate area, in order to offer to the partners involved the opportunity to take part in different theme groups to which they can direct their opinions regarding the development of their relations. It also serves for offering different types of documents, interesting connections and multimedia materials (visual materials, short presentations, photo gallery) referring to the planned debate.

These ”Terms and Conditions” (also called ”Rules”, ”Regulations”, ”Terms”, ”Conditions”) represent a set of rules that govern the Forum and that must be respected by all its members, from the moment they access, register and create a user’s account. These Terms and Conditions can be modified at any time according to the imposed conditions. The biaproject.ro website will permanently contain these terms and Conditions, so that the users can read them and know them at any given time. Not knowing these Terms does not represent a motive or an argument to break them.

2. Interdictions

The following actions are forbidden in the Virtual Community:

  1. Creating multiple accounts for the same user;
  2. Using instruments, software and any type of actions that could hinder or limit the proper functioning of the forum, the access or the activity of other users;
  3. opening topics or using language with an obscene, offending, racist, with sexual orientation, threatening, indecent character that presents or promotes personal insults, instigates to any type of violence or to breaking the law;
  4. posting messages off-topic, with no connection to the topics related to the given debate;
  5. reposting the same message – flood – in the conversation or in more topics that are opened simultaneously;
  6. attaching malware folders (viruses, spyware, etc.), cracks (programmes for breaking the passwords), unlicensed software or any other illegal folders or posting links to websites from were you could find and download similar materials;
  7. posting any types of commercial messages, games and competitions, unsolicited and abusive messages for collecting the number of accesses (“click”) on other sites, using the means of the forum (creating topics, posting, private messages, etc.);
  8.  Attaching folders or texts that are the subject of copyright as seen in Law no. 8 from 1996 or in any other applying laws regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, with all the modifications and changes that complete these laws, without gaining in advance the approval of the authors.

3. Recommendations

The members must comply with the following recommendations regarding the proper use of the forum:

  1. before opening a new forum/theme/topic, they must look carefully if that topic does not already exist on the forum;
  2. the new topics they open should have a significant title that would not create confusion about the topic discussed on the forum;
  3. they should post constructive comments and replies, that will add value to the discussion, in order to really help the other users and the community in general, without disregarding or offending the less informed or inexperienced users;
  4. they should avoid writing short messages or replies, with only a few words or symbols (smileys).

4. The Moderators and Administrators actions

According to the present regulations, at any time, the moderators and/or administrators of the forum can disapprove with publishing a message or can eliminate/modify any message that he/she considers to be off-topic, which contains texts, attached folders or links considered to be not appropriate with the present using conditions. When such a situation occurs, the moderators will inform the users, using posting or private messages, about breaking the rules.

Also, the moderators have the right to propose blocking or eliminating the users guilty of serious or repeated rules’ breakings, and the administrators will act accordingly.

Moderators and Administrators of the forum have the right to signal/block and/or cancel, for an undetermined period of time, the access of the users that break the present rules or laws.

5. Protection of personal data

Protecting the safety and the security of your personal data is very important for our institution, and so all the activities we develop respect the law regarding protection of the safety and security of information.

By accessing www.biaproject.ro, all users agree to respect the using Terms and the valid laws.

In the website www.biaproject.ro we will not gather any personal data regarding your person (ex. name, address, phone number, e-mail) if you do not want to give them to us (by registering, answering to questionnaires, etc.) or if you do not agree with this or if the law or other rules regarding personal data protection do not allow this.

According to Law no. 677/2001 regarding protecting people on the subject of processing personal data and free traffic of this data, Police School can process personal data, with legitimate purposes, our institutions being registered as personal data operator with number 6441 at the Supervising National Agency for Processing Personal Data.


6. Responsibility limits

The users understand and agree that they are the only one responsible and they bear any risks associated with using this Forum and with the content of the messages they post or access on the forum.

„Septimiu Muresan” Police School Cluj-Napoca is not responsible in any way for the contents posted on the forum, including, but not limiting, any errors or omissions of the content, or for any lost or damages that could appear as a result of using any content on the forum. Also, the school is not responsible for the content of comments or folders posted by any user and is not obligated to protect the content and the folders posted on the forum, to compensate the authors or to help them to be compensated for any damages they could suffer.

7. Final dispositions

The present Terms and Conditions are completed with „The policy of protecting the processing of personal data” and with other legal documents mentioned above and they are operative after the launch of the website www.biaproject.ro.