The use of firearms is seen as one of the most violent actions of a human being. In their profession, policemen are forced, in some situations, to use their duty weapons against criminal offenders.

By implementing a project focused on police stress management while using duty weapons we tried to harmonize the POWER given by handling a weapon with the COMMITMENT of a policeman in search of obtaining the VICTORY  in his actions, by correct, controlled and efficient weapon use, or by using VIOLENCE.

BIA is a proper name for what we intend to obtain with this project, BIA being the personification of VIOLENCE, the daughter of giant  Pallas and the sister of Cratus (the POWER), Nike (the VICTORY) and Zelus (COMMITMENT).

She has joined her sister and brothers in the fight of the Olympians against the Titans. By extension, the name of the project is an inspired symbol, suggesting that police training has some related elements too. Thus, for getting stronger in our pursuit for victory and in handling violence, a committed training is necessary.