Results of the first meeting of the Working Groups

    • The partners agreed to use for the research a general model of stress, Lazarus model, and to incorporate within this stress model a particular element, in order to build the new Model of stress management, specific for the needs of Romanian Police.
    • The partners established that, in order to make a qualitative analysis of critical incidents regarding the use of duty weapons or the thought of using the duty weapons within Romanian Police, they will use the data of the research made by the Bureau of Psycho-sociology of the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police. Based on qualitative analysis of this research, a questionnaire will be built in the next meeting that will be used in order to gather the data. The questionnaires will be building by Working Group 1 and Working Group 2 together.
    • Working Groups also agree that, in order to gather the data for the research, they will watch short films that present critical incidents, films that will be provided by the German partner. The two Working Groups will make observations and draw conclusions with respect to psychological aspects and tactical aspects of the presentation of critical incidents.
    • The German partner also agreed to bring in the next meeting statistics regarding the critical incidents and data about evaluations of shooting trainings (LEOKA – Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted study research of FBI). This will be used in the next meeting in order to base the future activities from Working Package 3.
    • In this meeting, partners also established that they should include in the Manual pictures representing tactical aspects, demonstrated by the trainers. Shooting experts didn’t agree yet which trainers will present the examples of some tactical aspects.
    • The recommendations from Hungarian and German partners, regarding the type of weapons used by the shooting simulator were: M74 (Caliber 7.65 mm) and Glock 17 (Caliber 9 mm) based on the needs of the Romanian Police.
    • After discussing the main common aspects of the two working groups with respect to Working Package 3 (especially the constructions of the instruments for data gathering) partners established that the two working groups will meet together for the next activities of WP 3 and, when needed, the two WGs will work separately.

Results of the second meeting of the Working Groups

The main achievements of the second meetings of the working groups are the elaboration of The Methodology of the Research and the BIA Questionnaire. These will be send in the next period for 42 county police inspectorates, and those policemen belonging to the operative structures, who were using duty weapons during the missions fulfilled in the last 3 years, will complete the questionnaire. While completing the questionnaire, they will be assisted by the psychologist from the police inspectorate.

These questionnaires are expected to be completed and resent to the Septimiu Mureșan” Police Constable School until August 17th 2012.

Therefore, the working groups decided that on the next meeting they will be working in 3 groups, as it is structured in the followings:

    • Group 1: literature review;
    • Group 2: analyze of the duty weapon-using-cases from the Romanian Police database;
    • Group 3: process the data from questionnaires.

Results of the third meeting of the Working Groups

At the beginning of the working session, the participants agreed on the structure of the research report.

Also, the team introduced and processed in an SPSS database the 378 questionnaires (each including 69 questions) received by August 23rd by the „Septimiu Mureșan” Police Constable School.

The result was a database that will be finalized after 30 more questionnaires expected to arrive will be introduced. The database allows the participants to summarize the frequencies of different items and to analyze the correlations between different variables.

An Excel database was also put together by the participants based on the quantitative analysis of the 73 duty weapon using cases from the Romanian Police, data from January 1st 2012 – July 10th 2012.

A second Excel database was also prepared including a more detailed quantitative analysis and a qualitative analysis of 19 cases out of 73.

Experts from Germany and Hungary synthesized in a material their conclusions based on the qualitative analysis of the 73 duty weapon using cases from the Romanian Police. Also, Romanian shooting experts drafted a different report containing their conclusions.