The activities developed during the study visits were implemented in accordance to the initial plans, all the participants foreseen in the project fiche being involved.

The expertise and the experience of the German and Hungarian experts will be highly valued in the following stages of the project’s development: the research; the development of the manual, the curricula and the methodology; and also the training sessions organized for the Romanian trainers and policemen.

Partners also agreed that their experience in conducting studies will be valued in the research during Working Package 3. The experience in using shooting simulators based on laser technology of the German partner will be extremely useful for the project. Thus, project team will try to transfer some didactical movies of tactical intervention, in the case of compatibility between the German partner equipments and the simulator that will be bought by the Beneficiary.

Along the study visit, at Beneficiary’ representatives request, both partners provided a set of documents and materials in Hungarian, German and some in English language, mainly related to stress management and shooting training, that will be used in the next stages of the project implementation, especially within Working Packages 3 and 5. Thus, they represent a primary source of transfer of innovation to the Romanian partner, who will develop an Anti-stress Guide.

The study visits represented a good opportunity for exchanging information, experience and good practice.