The steering group of the BIA is formed by two groups:

1. Coordinating committee:

    • chairman and project manager: Chief of the police, Principal questor Petre Toba;
    • coordinator of the Septimiu Muresan Police School – Chief superintendent Laurentiu Stoica;
    • coordinator of the German Experts- Chief superintendent Hans-Jörg Barth
    • coordinator of the Hungarian experts-Capitain Laszlo Gyori.
    • deputy project manager- inspector Andreea Cernazeanu  from General Inspectorate of Romanian Police,

2. Monitoring committee:

    • principal inspector Alina Ilie,
    • principal inspector Ionuţ Băncescu, both from the General Directorate for European Affairs and International Relations of MAI.

The Steering group adopts the implementation strategy of the project through the WORK PLAN and decides its modification depending on the stage of the project, analyzing the monitoring and internal evaluation reports. The steering group represents BIA’s interface, decides how to eliminate risks and irregularities discovered and decide on the submission to the funding authority, of the required reports.

The administrative and technical aspects of BIA are managed directly by the Romanian project team from the Cluj-Napoca Police School:

    • Chief superintendent Daboc Simona-financial expert;
    • Deputy superintendent Mihai Coblisan – acquisition activity;
    • Inspector principal Madalina Greab – juridical expert;
    • Inspector principal Alina Raus – visibility and dissemination.